Image is everything

Image management is considered as an art and science of managing one’s own outer image through optimal utilization of personal resources such as clothing, grooming, and body language to gain one’s professional, personal and social goals in various roles of life such as:

  • A businessman going to an important interview

  • A young man wanting to impress his date

  • The newly promoted boss who is constantly evaluated by his colleagues

  • A job-seeker who needs to stand out in a crowd of aspirants

Image management

The truth is everybody wants to project a convincing and appropriate image. Image management is said to be the art of presenting yourself in your professional and personal life. There are many professional organizations to help the individuals and corporate to build up their image. ‘Beyond Impressions’ in Pune is such an organization that helps people and corporate companies to improve their personal and professional life by building up their image.

Image influences public perception of oneself

The other person’s perception on your intelligence and trustworthiness is strongly influenced by your image. Everywhere, the major part of the communication is visual and what we hear we forget and what we see we remember forever. So, a positive and constructive first impression is very important to take forward a professional and a personal relationship forward. Eventually, the real meaning of the word, image is the impact of your own appearance on others as well as on yourself. Thus, personal image management affects in all roles of life.

Brand-on Image

It is true that image affects perceptions. People may not hire you if your personal image does not correctly stand for your professional brand. Even they do not buy your products or do business with you if your personal image does not represent your professional image accurately. If your personal image is not consistent with your professional image, then the selling of your professional brand becomes very difficult. Likewise, the corporate image of an organization depends upon the employees as it is reflected in them. And this impacts how the clients, business partners perceive your business organization. So, the corporate image management depends upon many factors not only on the image of the boss.

Image Inside-Out

Consciously or unconsciously, your image depicts who you are inside, your values, your personality, interests, attitudes, abilities and your uniqueness. So, it says one have to reinforce his or her positive inner values by countering the negatives. These factors also help to give a perception about your capability, leadership, trust and your other important and vital personality traits.

Image Management is a Life skill

Image management is the art and science which evaluates and control the appearance of one and its impact on others and in achieving goals. The art of expression can be mastered through the body language, physical appearance, and etiquette with image management. By managing one’s image, one can increase the self-confidence and self-esteem with the projection of capability, credibility, productivity, and trustworthiness. Thus, the image management becomes a life skill and a way of life.
Individual image management encompasses an appropriate, authentic, affordable and attractive image which is connected with your personal style, lifestyle, personal coloring and physical body structure for the fulfillment of your roles, goals and the occasions you attend.
Beyond Impressions, the image management company in Pune helps people and corporate to change their outer look by helping them to do the image management. Through this, they have helped many to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem which resulted in the positive atmosphere in their day to day life. A successful personal and professional life is the result of strong image management.

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